Accurate processing of binary segments at unprecedented scales and speed


Segmentation of large datasets is one of the most challenging problems in imaging. Although sometimes it is still possible to perform binary segmentation on a single workstation in reasonable time, the accurate processing, such as mesh extraction and visualization, of such segments on a single node is certainly prohibitively expensive.

This software knows no rivals. It allows you to accurately extract triangle meshes from 100+GB binary segments in a few minutes, and create high-end UHD visualizations by the minute.

The core part of our software is rooted into high order discretization of numerical schemes and effective supercomputing techniques, allowing us to process image segments at unprecedented speed and operating at very high percentage of the nominal performance of AVX2-enabled CPUs, in single precision.


  • Third-order accurate extraction of smooth geometry into triangle meshes
  • Global illumination effects and hard shadows
  • Smooth yet sharp images through advanced antialiasing
  • Rendering of poster-size (e.g. 15,360 x 8,640 pixels) images
  • Rendering of 4K and 8K cinematic videos
  • Fast: operating at 30% of the single precision nominal peak performance (AVX2)
  • Distributed, scalable to hundreds of nodes
  • 80% strong scaling efficiency from 1 node to 10 nodes
  • Superlinearity: from out-of-core to in-core mode switch if the problem footprint fits the aggregate node RAM capacity
  • GPU-ready: the software is capable of harnessing the compute power of GPUs for both visualization (OpenGL) and processing (CUDA).


We can deploy extrAIM directly on the customer’s supercomputer or data center within a day. Our deployment can be tailored to the specific details of target platforms, being it special network fabrics, MPI implementations, compute node configuration, or CPU/GPU microarchitectures, both on Linux or Windows.

Workflow Support

  • Available standalone or as a module for workflow engines
  • Full XamFlow integration
  • Traceability of code versions, datasets and parameters
  • Mobile and web monitoring from data acquisition to reporting
  • Interactive Previewing

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